Christmas Markets – Belgium V Belfast

6 thoughts on “Christmas Markets – Belgium V Belfast”

    1. Sorry, pressed send too soon! We are visiting Brussels over New Year, so looking forward to their Christmas market. We’ll give Bruges a miss though as we’ve already spent a few days there, so sounds like the market is not a good enough reason to revisit.

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      1. I’m delighted to hear this has helped you make a decision 🙂 that’s all I want to gain out of this, to help people make the most of their trips!

        I think you’re making the right call, especially if you’ve already visited Bruges. I wouldn’t recommend re-visiting if only for their Christmas market. I was however so impressed with the Christmas scene in Brussels.

        Wishing you a wonderful trip! Such a magical time of year 🙂

        Sarah x


  1. Love this Sarah. Really enjoyed reading all about your trip. We have visited both Praque and Kraków and would recommend both in December or January. Very cold ,snowy and magical 🎄☃❄️


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