Viva Las Vegas

I want to begin this post by first admitting that, on the long list of places I want to explore, Las Vegas was never somewhere I imagined myself going. It seems to be that people either absolutely must go and they make it happen, or it simply doesn’t get considered. Having shown Las Vegas the … Continue reading Viva Las Vegas

Late Summer Nectar

As we creep into autumn and the temperatures drop, pollinators begin to prepare for their winter hibernation by building nectar reserves. Many plants will finish flowering in August, but pollinators such as butterflies, hoverflies, bumblebees and honeybees can be active well into November, and may even emerge on a warm Winter’s day. I have put … Continue reading Late Summer Nectar

Aloha Oahu

Bright sun, blue skies, sandy beaches, hula dancing, palm trees, coconuts, pineapples, leis, surfing…the list goes on of things I would have associated with Hawaii before I visited. Having explored the beautiful island of Oahu I can confirm that all of these things are absolutely in abundance there. It’s long journey from my home in … Continue reading Aloha Oahu